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Wonderful series! ^_^

Anime is a hard genre to depict and you did it very well with this creative story. You have inspired me to keep trying to achieve my goal of making animations one day too. Right now I'm doing illustrations and trying to figure out how to make flash work XP
= ) Good luck with Animation school.

ArtistGamerGal responds:

I'm so glad I inspired you! Work hard and keep practicing and you'll get better! Thanks for the support and great review!

Can't wait for the third installment

The storyline has a good flow throughout the flash. The sprites moved with fluidity too. I think what would really pump this flah up is a more dynamic music selection. For example, having a high energy music selection for the fighting sequences and then more dramatic music when Naruto is trying to convince Sasuke to join him. Other than that, I enjoyed your take on what should happen in the manga/anime. = )

Decent for your first flash

I myself am trying to learn flash as well by myself so I hear where your comming from. And its great that you decided to submit this even if it wasn't meant for Newgrounds. I'm so jealous that there are kids here that are 13 or 15 who know flash XP. If you can just heighten the contrast with the text or use a bolder typeface. Ill be looking forward to more of your flashes.
P.S don't listen to the crabby reviewers below hehe and congrats with your girlfriend ^.^

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Much better improvement from the beta

Congrats on getting on the front page. Dating sims for girls rulz all muahahaha. ^ ^

Bomee responds:

*super hugs!*

^^ i found a cool strategy

I think it is a pretty cool game but fustrating at times with enemies at every direction. I figured out that if you move your red water bar will decrease even more than standing still. It decreases even faster when you jump. So if your somewhat patient, its sometimes better to let the objects fall on you whenever chance you get.

shift doesnt work for me

I can't kill that damn bowser with the shift key. Nothing hapens. Please address this

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